God is subtle,but he is not malicious.

2005年08月16日 (火)

Journeyman by IRON MAIDEN
Album: Dance of Death

form the red sky of the east,to the sunset in the wet
we have cheated death,and he has cheated us

but that was just a dream,and this is what it means
we are sleeping and we'll dream for evermore

and the fragment remains of our memories
and the shadows we made with our hands
deeper grey came to mourn, all the colours of the dawn
will this journeyman's day be his last

[i know what i want,and i say what i want
and no one can take it away]x3

but the memory still remains,all the past years not so strange
our winter times are like a silent shroud

and the heartbeat of the day drives the mist away
and winters not the only dream around

{in your life you may choose desolation
and the shadows you build with your hands
if you turn to the light,that is burning in the night
then your hourneyman's day has begun

[i know what i want,and i say what i want
and no one can take it away]x3}x2

仔细想想,从启蒙时期的齐豫,到之后经历AXL Rose、Brett Anderson、Steve Tyler、Bruce Dickinson、Toshi……果然任何事情都没有意外,我注定会折服于subaru的好嗓子。